High Speed Gears

High Speed Gears consists of highly pre-engineered gear units for "High Ratio" applications, such as motor to compressor and turbine to generator drives.

1.High casing stittness and low noise emission, due to casing optimization through FEM.
2.Optimized, application adapted design.
3.Vibration-damping, rigid cast iran casing with integrated bearing mounts.
4.Increased power density due to adjustable bearing spans.
5.Provisions tor all required monitoring instruments.
6.Compact design with integrated lubrication lines.

High Speed Gears are made by Latest rating methods, Optimized tooth corrections, Precise bearing calculation verified on bearing tests, adapted to application bearing geometry and Less shaft deformation due to optimized bearing spans.

We manufactures all kinds of High Speed gears as per customer specification (standard / non-standard items)

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